If you have determined that you will need to go to court in order to finalize your divorce, make sure to retain the representation of a local family attorney with experience in Will County divorce trials in order to properly prepare yourself for the process. A professional divorce lawyer could guide you through the necessary procedures and help gather evidence on your behalf in order to strengthen your argument. Read on to learn more about Will County divorce trials, as well as the ways a skilled family lawyer could advocate for you.

Local Will County Rules

One thing to consider in Will County divorce trials is that there is a 30-day cool off period. Typically, when parties file for a divorce in Will County, the first assigned court date will be about 90 days from the date they file. So if they file on January 1st, the first court date is going to be around April 1st unless one of the parties files a motion to get in sooner for some type of temporary relief.

The 90 days is just the first court date for case management that will act as the initial opportunity for the judge to understand who the parties are and what is going on. Ultimately, the parties must wait a minimum of 30 days before the divorce can be finalized. A divorce this fast is uncommon. The only way parties are getting divorced within 30 days is if both individuals have reached a full and complete written agreement. Otherwise, the process will take a lot longer.

What Do Will County Divorce Trials Look Like?

Will County divorce trials are usually held in the afternoon, and can last multiple days depending on the issues present. They have a judge, the divorcing parties, their respective attorneys, and potential witnesses to the case present as well. The vast majority of cases settle, with only a small percentage actually going to trial.

The main determining factor in whether or not a case will go to trial is the willingness of the parties involved to come to an agreement. If a parent is adamant about removing a child from the state and the other parent is against this decision, this case will be much more likely to go to trial than a claim involving a disagreement over retirement funds. This will also affect the length of the trial. For example, if an issue involved requires testimony from an external professional, that segment in itself could take multiple days to complete.

The Importance of Experienced Legal Representation

Individuals should not try to represent themselves in Will County divorce trials. While it is feasible to do so, it is very likely that someone who is not trained in family law will have a negative outcome for their case. For example, the parties cannot simply present evidence in any manner that they desire. There are many rules and procedures that must be followed in order to get their evidence in, and failing to show that could be disastrous for a case.

Very important contested issues could be brought up in a trial proceeding, such as one’s child custody agreements, spousal support payments, or their division of assets and liabilities. In order to preserve your interests in these matters, you should retain the representation of a professional family attorney before going to court.

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