3 Things You Must Do To Make Your Divorce Easier


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3 Things You Must Do To Make Your Divorce Easier

Nobody wants to go through a difficult divorce. Most people know someone who has gone through a tough divorce. If you are like most of our clients, you don’t want that to happen to you. My former client Kenny, who was referred to us,  asked me what he could do to make his divorce easier. I told him that there are many things that you could do, but there are three specific things you should do. If you follow this same advice, your divorce will be much easier and faster than people who ignore this advice:

  1. Don’t involve your children. NO MATTER WHAT! Your kids need to know that you both love them and support them, but if you involve them in your divorce (such as by asking them to carry messages back and forth between you and your ex), you’re making things harder on them. 
  2. Establish Your Goals. Divorce can be emotional and you can get sidetracked. This is so important because so many people start a divorce without goals or they lose track, which is why so many people end up bitter. If you are like most of our clients, you are not clear on your goals and you may need some help to determine what your priorities are. Here are some examples: 

Do you want this finished as soon as possible?

Do you need to know what your spouse has been doing during the marriage?

Are you trying to maximize your short term cash? 

Are you thinking long term and trying to maximize your retirement savings?

Are you trying to stay in the marital home?

Are you trying to maximize time with your kids? 

Do you want to remain an equal parent when it comes to making decisions? 

  1. Gather Your Financial Information and Get Organized. Every divorce will ultimately divide all your assets, all your liabilities, and establish your financial obligations going forward. If you are scrambling to find your financials and your spouse’s financials, your case is going to take longer and you are going to spend more money chasing down items that are within your control. If you don’t have access to your spouse’s accounts, don’t worry because there are ways to get that information if you need it. You can only control you, so you must do what you can to be prepared and organized.     

Divorce is usually hard and complex, but we believe there is a better way through the process. is easy, We can help you establish your goals, simplify the process, and move things along as quickly as possible. If you are ready for an opportunity to be happy again, we’re available at 708-580-6767 or schedule now through our website.

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