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Ham Could Change Your Life!

This is NOT about Oscar Mayer… Have you ever heard the story of the...

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Lessons from Dumbo

Courtesy of Brian Reidy You have probably heard that an elephant never forgets, but...

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Top 5 Tips for Newly Divorced Parents During Graduation Season

Graduation season has arrived and the celebrations are in full swing! Your child’s cap and gown are neatly pressed and hanging in their closet as they eagerly await their “big day”. Sure, this may not be “THE Big Day,” but it is one of them. While this is a joyous occasion, emotions may be running

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Checklist-Uncontested Divorce (No Kids)

Most people understand that an uncontested divorce is much cheaper than a contested divorce. Like a solar eclipse, uncontested divorces actually exist, but also like an eclipse, they are rare. The reason is simple, people that are divorcing are not usually 100% on the same page for all issues, hence the divorce. That does not

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Discovery Options

When you are going through a court process, your case well end by agreement or the judge deciding. To make an educated agreement, you must have the necessary information. Without information, you are simply guessing. Discovery is where you can find out as much or as little information as you need. Not every case needs

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3 Things You Must Do To Make Your Divorce Easier

3 Things You Must Do To Make Your Divorce Easier Nobody wants to go...

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