How long will my case take?


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The length of a divorce can be anywhere from 30 days to two years or more. No case is the same so you should not think your case will be the same length as anyone else’s case. Sometimes, the circumstances can be strategic. For example, the parties agree to wait for a child to finish high school before finalizing a divorce, or the parties agree to sell a house before finalizing the case. On the other hand, some cases can take longer because of some seriously contested issues.

The Level of Agreement Between the Parties

The largest determining factor is the level of agreement between the parties. If you and your spouse can agree on the major issues in the divorce, the process can move faster. If you cannot agree on simple things, your case will take more time. Unfortunately, some people disagree on things simply to spite their spouse, which is a recipe for disaster.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Unforeseen circumstances can arise and can delay the process. For example, a person may get sick or a person’s work schedule may change.


The children can cause delays in the case. Sometimes it makes sense to slow the case down because the kids are about to finish school or they have extracurricular activities that make scheduling meetings a challenge. Whatever the case may be, a child’s schedule can have a large impact on a case.

The Attorneys

The attorneys that you work with can have an impact on your case. If your attorney or your spouse’s attorney does not respond quickly, that can delay your case.

How Complicated the Case Is

If both sides file a lot of motions or discovery requests, that can delay the case. Additionally, the more people involved in the case, the longer it may take. This is because it becomes harder it is to coordinate the various schedules you have to work around. For example, sometimes you may have the judge, the other side, your attorney, the other side’s attorney, and an attorney for the kids.

Additionally, the more assets are involved in the case, the longer it will take. Assets must be identified and valued, which is a complicated process. This becomes even more complicated if foreign assets are involved.

Third Parties

Third parties can also complicate a case. If you are dependent upon third parties to get information, such as witnesses, the process may take longer.

Learn More About the Factors That Can Impact a Divorce

Every divorce is unique. This makes it difficult to say how long a divorce will take. If you are ready to get started, let’s set up a time to talk.