Reidy Law Office believes there’s a better way of helping people through divorce with dignity! Our clients have seen this firsthand and it is why we have been growing exponentially since our start in 2014. We take pride in the reputation we have built over the years practicing in Family Law and Divorce.

Each year, we surpass the goals we have set for ourselves and the results from the previous year. Because of this significant growth, we are looking to expand our TRIBE! We need like-minded, smart individuals that fit our culture and live our Core Values on a daily basis. Our Core Values are Teamwork, Results, Integrity, Balance, and Excellence. 

We are very selective about allowing people to join our TRIBE. Because of this, our job applications can be time-consuming and the process can be long. The process includes a written interview, a video interview, a phone interview, and possibly an in-person interview. However, it is worth the work. Are you up for the task?

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