Do your kids need therapy?

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There is a myth that divorce is always bad for kids. In fact, divorce is better for children compared with staying in a bad marriage. Studies have shown that most kids adjust to a divorce and can actually thrive. However, some children will struggle. It is important to be aware of some signs that your child needs professional help. 

This checklist of behaviors allows you a chance to evaluate how your child is handling this difficult time. The list does not include every possible problem. Instead, it includes those characteristic traits that are common with kids who have significant emotional problems caused by divorce. Counseling should be considered for your child if just a few of these behaviors apply to your child.

Sudden changes in physical appearance (weight loss/gain etc.)

Rebelling against normal activities or their daily routines.

Secretive actions (closing bedroom door).

Dramatic mood swings.

Excessive crying or depression.

Shutting down and pretending problems do not exist.

Reverting to old habits or earlier stages of development.

Rebelling against elders (parents, teachers, etc.)

Spending excessive time around new friends.

Refusal to visit with the other parent.

Will not accept that a divorce will happen

Excessive headaches or stomach aches.

Sleeping problems.

Eating Problems. In addition to known eating disorders, look for a refusal to eat or inconsistent eating habits.

Problems at school.

Unnormal misbehavior.


If you notice that you child is demonstrating these behaviors, get them the help they deserve. If your ex will not cooperate, we can help