Even after your divorce is final, there may be situations in which a post-divorce modification is warranted due to a shift in circumstances for one of the parties. A Naperville post-divorce modification lawyer could evaluate your current situation and advise whether you may have valid legal reasons to seek change your divorce agreement. Seek help from an experienced divorce attorney for help with your case.

Situations Where a Divorce Decree Could Be Modified

There are many reasons why you may want to modify your divorce. For example, if you lose your job and cannot fulfill your financial duties as stated in the court judgement, a request to modify the divorce decree could be in order. In this type of scenario, you may be able to request a modification to the terms of the decree, however, the court could require you to pay the original financial amount owed once they retain gainful employment. Each situation is different and depends upon your specific situation.

Another example of a significant shift in circumstances that would warrant a modification is when one of the former spouses decides to relocate out of state with the child, or if your child suddenly incurs serious medical bills due to a sudden injury. A modification could also be requested by a party paying spousal support if the recipient party marries again.

In most cases, divorce judgment stipulations regarding the division of assets cannot be altered if 30 or more days have transpired since both parties signed the decree. Furthermore, unless a child is facing imminent risk or both former spouses approve, the petitioner must wait a minimum of two years after they sign the divorce decree to request a modification of parental responsibilities.

Types of Post-Divorce Modifications

Modifications to child support and maintenance (also called alimony) are two of the most common types of post-divorce modifications that a Naperville attorney may be able to assist you with. Requesting a change of custodial responsibilities is also common in post-divorce modifications.

It is imperative to understand that there are limited circumstances in which a divorce decree may be altered. A party to the divorce cannot simply obtain a modification because they are no longer satisfied with the terms of the judgment. If you are considering petitioning for a post-divorce amendment, you should seek help from a Naperville attorney.

Likewise, an attorney should also be sought if your former spouse fails to meet their obligations under the divorce decree. Noncompliance with a divorce judgment could subject your former spouse to significant legal consequences. A lawyer could help you enforce the divorce judgment against your former spouse and seek full payment of any outstanding support owed.

Get Help from a Naperville Post-Divorce Modification Attorney Today

Whether you are in need of a post-divorce modification or require experienced legal help because your former spouse is failing to comply with their obligations under your original divorce decree, a Naperville post-divorce modification lawyer could help your case. An attorney could help clarify your legal rights and review your current situation to determine whether seeking a post-divorce modification would best serve your interests. A lawyer could take the burden of navigating the legal system off of your shoulders so you can focus on the needs of your family. Call today to discuss your case.