For many couples, marital agreements are becoming an increasingly popular way to exercise more control over their future. An agreement could provide much-needed peace of mind by resolving potential future conflicts before they happen.

If you are wondering how such an arrangement could benefit you, get in touch with an Orland Park marital agreements lawyer from our firm immediately. At Reidy Law Office LLC, our dedicated family attorneys have experience drafting all sorts of agreements and we could sit down with you to answer your questions, review your marital circumstances, and draft an agreement that fits your unique needs.

The Basics of Orland Park Marital Agreements

The term “marital agreement” typically refers to any contract made between spouses or soon-to-be spouses. A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two individuals that are about to be married, while a post-nuptial agreement could be formed between two married parties at any point during their marriage.

No matter the exact type, most agreements set forth each party’s rights and responsibilities with regards to the marriage. Since marital agreements are essentially contracts, you and your spouse have the general ability to design your agreement as you see fit and customize it to your lifestyle and future plans. Depending on your needs and desires, an agreement may contain clauses promising fidelity or assigning the rights of property.

Clauses for Separations or Divorces

Many couples use marital agreements to decide what would happen in the event of a separation or divorce. Such agreements may stipulate how you and your spouse would divide up your assets and liabilities or whether one party should pay alimony to the other.

Marital agreements may provide an excellent way to control your own future, allowing you and your spouse to decide issues such as property distribution yourselves rather than having a court decide such issues for you. If you have further questions on how you might benefit from a marital agreement, an Orland Park attorney from our firm would be happy to help answer them.

Agreements for Legal Separation

A separation agreement has a few key differences from other types of marital agreements. While married couples usually enter into a separation agreement before they formally separate and live apart, this does not necessarily mean they are always contemplating divorce when they do so.

Depending on what you and your spouse agree upon, your separation agreement could include various provisions regulating any of the following:

  • Length of the separation
  • Amount and type of communication allowed between you and your spouse
  • Promises to refrain from romantic relationships with others during the separation

If you and your spouse have children, a separation agreement may stipulate your respective childcare responsibilities. It may indicate which days each of you is to spend with the child, which parent is responsible for bringing the child to and from school, and other similar issues.

Separation agreements may be a good way for couples to define the boundaries of the separation and use that time to decide whether they wish to continue the marriage. In the same vein, an Orland Park marital agreements lawyer could help you determine what should be included in yours and how best to structure the agreement for you and your spouse’s collective needs.

An Orland Park Marital Agreements Attorney is Available to Help

Marital agreements may be invaluable for protecting yourself against sudden changes or problems during a separation or divorce and sorting out key issues in advance rather than putting them off until they become serious problems later. An Orland Park marital agreements lawyer at our firm could help you examine different types of agreements or provisions that might fit your future needs and decide what kind of agreement would best fit your situation, so get in touch with us today to start working on yours.