Every divorce in Illinois requires the court to divide marital property of the parties. In determining what you should receive in a divorce, we have to first identify all of the property owned by either spouse. After we’ve identified everything, we then must determine whether the property in question is marital or non-marital. In most […]
You may believe that an item has a certain value based upon an Internet search or based upon your personal knowledge, but that may not be sufficient evidence to prove the value in court.
When property is acquired via gift or inheritance during the marriage, it may become contested as to whether or not the property in question is actually non-marital.
One of the many myths about child "custody" proceedings in Illinois is that there is a magical age at which a child gets to choose which parent to live with. This is simply false in Illinois. Although some states may have an age at which a child can inform a judge as to which parent the child wishes to live with, Illinois believes in a more comprehensive approach.
Technically speaking, these two concepts are completely unrelated. It is illegal for a custodial parent to deny or restrict visitation based on an alleged failure to pay child support, as such actions are tantamount to holding the children for ransom. On a practical level, however, it is important to scrutinize the rights and responsibilities of […]