Divorce is often a sensitive and complicated matter, and each situation is unique depending on the circumstances and the needs of the couple. You may have concerns about how your property will be divided, how you are going to take care of yourself, and how to maintain a stable environment for your children. These are all normal worries for anyone going through a divorce.

While some divorces are amicable, this is unfortunately not always the case. If you and your spouse disagree over elements of your Bolingbrook divorce, it may be important to have a qualified contested divorce lawyer on your side who knows the law and can make sure you are treated fairly during the divorce process. The divorce process may become frustrating and stressful at times, and our goal is to help you through your divorce with dignity. Work with a capable family lawyer that could work towards a fair resolution for you.

What Is a Contested Divorce?

Any time a divorcing couple cannot reach an agreement on all issues, it is considered a contested divorce. Couples in Bolingbrook may pursue a contested divorce if they are unable to reach an agreement regarding one or more of the following issues:

  • Division of property, including retirement plans and family-owned businesses
  • Spousal support (known as maintenance)
  • Child support
  • Child custody and visitation

When the parties cannot come to an agreement, divorce litigation may be the next step. Depending on the circumstances, divorce litigation can take anywhere from a few weeks to several years. A dedicated and skilled Bolingbrook contested divorce lawyer could provide you with personalized representation and address all your legal concerns during the divorce process.

How Are Contested Divorces Resolved?

Litigation and trial are the most common methods by which divorcing couples resolve their differences. However, some couples do not want to go through a long and costly court process, so they pursue other available ways to resolve contested issues.


A mediator can assist you and your spouse with coming to an agreement. The mediator is a neutral party, and neither spouse may have an attorney present during mediation. However, a contested divorce lawyer could provide counsel prior to and after the process. Mediation is a confidential and non-binding process. In other words, you can review any agreement reached in mediation with your attorney before it is presented to the judge and you are free to change your mind.


Couples can settle their dispute out of court by working with an arbitrator. Both you and your spouse may have their attorneys present during arbitration, as the arbitrator’s decision is binding. This is rarely if ever, done in Illinois since your judge will essentially act as an arbitrator. Divorcing couples do not have the option of using a jury. Arbitration is more common in matters that could be heard by a jury.

Collaborative Divorce

In a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse work through your divorce with a team of professionals which may include collaborative divorce attorneys, financial advisors, social workers, child psychologists, and whomever else may be helpful under the circumstances. However, if the parties fail to work out an agreement with this approach, they will need to retain new attorneys for litigation.

How Could a Bolingbrook Contested Divorce Attorney Help?

Our attorneys work to make sure your rights are protected. There is not one correct path to a divorce. We look at financial statements and all other documents to help educate you on your options and help you to decide the best path for you. If necessary, we may depose necessary witnesses or consult with experts. At our firm, our attorneys do everything in our power to take care of you during this life-changing event. A contested divorce often requires clear guidance, and our Bolingbrook contested divorce attorneys could provide zealous representation on your behalf throughout negotiations and, if necessary, trial. If you want a skilled and experienced attorney advocating for you, call our office or schedule an appointment.