If your child’s father claims that he should be awarded custody you will need to make sure that your rights are protected even if you were the primary caretaker in the past. A Frankfort mother’s rights lawyer can assist in navigating these complex issues.

Our lawyers at Reidy Law Office LLC are knowledgeable but also sensitive to the emotional toll that a child custody case can take on you. We pride ourselves on taking a tailored approach that fits your individual needs. If you are facing a child custody case, a dedicated child custody lawyer can explain your rights and what lies ahead.

Protecting Your Rights as a Mother

In previous years mothers would only lose custody of their children if they were deemed unfit. That means that unless a mother was an alcoholic, drug addict, mentally ill, or abusive she would typically retain custody of the child. However, the courts now focus primarily on the best interest of the child when deciding on custody arrangements and they prefer to place the child with the primary caregiver.

Some of the relevant factors that the court considers when determining what is in the best interest of the child include:

  • The wishes of the parents
  • The wishes of the child
  • Mental health of the parents
  • The parents’ willingness to work together
  • Living arrangements
  • The occurrence of alcoholism, drug use, and abuse
  • The relationship between the child and each parent
  • Any other factors that the court deems relevant

It is important to understand how each of these factors may impact a specific case. If you are a mother in the middle of a custody battle in Frankfort, it may be beneficial to discuss these factors and how they will impact your case with a mother’s rights attorney.

Parenting Time Options in Frankfort

Obviously, you want to have the majority of the parenting time. However, if for some reason the court decides you will not receive most of the parenting time, it does not mean that the other has lost access to parenting rights. You still have the right to parenting time with your child. You can request a court-ordered schedule that would be based around your daily schedule. Also, depending on how the parental responsibilities are divided, you may also be able to access your child’s medical records, school reports, and any other information.

If you are allocated joint decision making, both you and the father will be able to make decisions regarding health, education, religion, and extracurricular activities even if you are not the residential parent. Our attorneys in Frankfort can further explain your rights as a mother, including your rights to parenting time and decisions regarding your child.

A Frankfort Attorney Can Explain Mother’s Rights

Child custody is a complex area of the law that requires skill, zealous advocacy, and sensitivity. It is important to protect your rights as a mother. If you want a dedicated lawyer on your side while you are fighting for your rights as a mother, do not hesitate to contact Reidy Law Office LLC in Frankfort today. Call us at 708-942-8428 to learn more about how we can help.