Although legally, a divorce in Kankakee County is similar to a divorce anywhere else in Illinois, there are certain factors that make the process unique. One of the most obvious differences are the judges. In Kankakee County, there are two judges who oversee the process. This makes it especially important to work with a local divorce lawyer who knows how to successfully work with these judges. The dedicated team of attorneys at Reidy Law Office LLC can help you understand other factors that make the process unique.

What Makes Bringing a Divorce Unique

In terms of the law, there is not anything unique about Kankakee County divorce law that influences the process of divorce. In terms of the process, it is about the judges and knowing their audience. There are only two judges who decide divorces in Kankakee County. This means that, if the parties do not know the judges, it may be more difficult to reach a favorable agreement. It is important to understand each judge’s demeanor, what it is that they like and do not like, and how they like the issues presented to them.

When possible, an attorney will help an individual explore all the available options so that they could avoid leaving the decision to the judge. However, this is not always possible. Sometimes there are certain decisions the parties are not able to agree on and must have a judge make a decision. When that happens, an attorney can help build a persuasive case. Regardless of the specific situation, a well-versed attorney can serve as a guide throughout the process. They can advocate for a favorable outcome.

Requirements for Parents Ending a Marriage

Kankakee County does not require couples do anything before allowing them to file for divorce. For example, couples are not required to participate in counseling to make sure the marriage is irrevocably broken. However, if they have children, they may be required to take a parenting class, specifically for younger children.

The reasoning behind parenting classes is not that they do not know how to parent, but that they do not know how to parent after a divorce. There are some differences. These classes teach them how to deal with conflict and how conflict impacts their children. The class could help parents understand that there is more at stake than just their own thoughts and opinions when conflicts arise. An attorney can further explain parenting classes in Kankakee County and when they may be required by the court.

Discuss the Unique Aspects of a Kankakee County Divorce

Kankakee County divorce lawyers could help people who are either looking to get divorced or in the process of getting a divorce by helping them look at the situation objectively and understand their options, rights, and responsibilities. Often, the most important role of an attorney is to help them identify their goals and stay focused on those goals. For the help you need navigating the Kankakee County divorce process, call Reidy Law Office LLC today.