Under Illinois law and within Kankakee County, a dissolution of marriage is when two parties that have been lawfully married under any state or government seek to dissolve their marriage. However, to be able to end a marriage in the county, one of them must live in Kankakee County. A knowledgeable divorce attorney can help you better understand the divorce process and what it may entail.

What Should Someone Expect in the Divorce Process?

The most common causes for divorce in Kankakee County vary, but all divorces cite irreconcilable differences when filing. There are usually a variety of issues that can lead to a divorce, including a breakdown in trust, drifting apart, and infidelity.

What a person should expect in the divorce process in Kankakee County depends on the specific circumstances. If they are civil and are able to resolve the issues between themselves, it could be a relatively straightforward process. If they are not able to agree on simple issues, it could be a very stressful and contested process. An attorney can further explain what to expect from the process.

Contested vs. Uncontested

The difference between a contested and an uncontested divorce is that with a contested divorce there are one or more issues the parties could not agree upon. An uncontested divorce means the parties have an agreement settling all the major issues.

Most of the time, a divorce will begin as contested and become uncontested. Whether a divorce is contested or uncontested, it is important to have an attorney who can make sure the agreement is fair to both parties.

The Cost of Ending a Marriage

The typical cost for a divorce in Kankakee County depends on the situation. There are costs associated with getting a divorce no matter what, such as filing and attorney fees. If the parties agree, it could be $2,500 or less for the process with the attorney’s fees.

When issues are contested, the costs are going to go up, depending upon what is contested. If an issue requires experts to resolve, they could be paying thousands more. If they need to go through litigation and have a divorce trial, the costs are going to go up even more. It depends on the specific issues, but studies say the average divorce is in the $10,000 range.

The parties are responsible for covering these costs. The marital estate is responsible for paying all the costs associated with a divorce. That means that either the husband or the wife could potentially have to pay the entire cost of the divorce, or it could be split between them, depending on the specific circumstances.

An Attorney Can Discuss Divorces in Kankakee County

People considering a divorce should contact a Kankakee County divorce attorney for help. A local attorney who knows the local courts and judges know how they rule and can use that experience to your advantage. Without the help of an experienced attorney you may miss important information or enter into an unfair agreement. For the help you need with your divorce, call Reidy Law Office LLC today.