When many people picture divorce, they picture a contentious process that is often filled with heated arguments. However, that is not the only option. If you are considering divorce but would like to consider less combative options, you may want to consider speaking with an Orland Park attorney about collaborative divorce.

An experienced divorce attorney can help you weigh the pros and cons of the collaborative divorce process to determine whether this is the right option. If you decide it is a process you want to try, an attorney from Reidy Law Office LLC can guide you through the process to help make it as smooth as possible.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

In Illinois, collaborative divorce is a divorce process in which the parties agree between themselves to divorce in a non-litigious way. In other words, they agree to work together to reach an agreement that works for both parties. That usually means they seek counsel and professional help to guide them through mediation. In this scenario, each party would still have their own attorney who would be focused solely on trying to help them through the divorce without contention.

Some of the benefits of collaborative divorce are that it can allow the parties to have more control over their divorce and it can allow them to stay out of court which can save time and money. However, if the collaborative approach fails, the couple will go to court and need to find new attorneys as the attorneys involved in the collaborative process cannot be involved in the litigation process.

Parties Involved in the Process

In some situations, a collaborative divorce may involve several parties, such as a divorce coach, lawyers, and financial advisers. A divorce coach can play an important role in the process. They could help separate bank accounts, contact various parties to inform them of the divorce, and can also be helpful in coordinating schedules for the children.

A financial adviser can help deal with assets such as stocks and real estate. The adviser can either help them divide these assets fairly or create a plan to manage them.

The role of an attorney in a collaborative divorce to advise the person on the decisions they need to make. An attorney can also make sure someone understands their rights and responsibilities, especially if children are involved. A lawyer in Orland Park can further explain their role in the collaborative divorce process.

How the Collaborative Divorce Process is Unique

The collaborative divorce process is unique in several ways. The process may involve several different professionals helping to facilitate the process instead of a district attorney and judge. It also bypasses the court process and a public disclosure of the divorcing couple’s private matters.

Communication in the collaborative divorce case process also differs from other types of divorces in that it is generally more civil. Further, participation in a collaborative divorce can save the parties a lot of stress and money. Speaking with an attorney can help you better understand these differences.

Reach Out to a Collaborative Divorce Attorney in Orland Park

If a couple in Orland Park believes they can work together during the divorce process, a collaborative divorce may be a viable option. This can help you save both time and money and alleviate some of the contention and stress involved in the traditional divorce process. To discuss your options, reach out to Reidy Law Office LLC for a consultation.