You may not be aware that fathers have a legal right to spend time with their children in Will County. Since the laws are constantly changing, you may need the help of a Will County father’s right lawyer to explain new laws and what rights and obligations the law grants you as a father. Our experienced child custody attorneys from Reidy Law Office LLC could keep you up to date and help you seek a positive outcome when it comes to enforcing your rights.

Custody and Parenting Time

Custody of children is legally referred to as “parental responsibility” and “parenting time” in Illinois. Parenting time is defined as the time a parent spends taking care of their minor children and making day-to-day decisions on their behalf. Both parents are typically entitled to parenting time and may be encouraged to cooperate with each other in their co-parenting roles.

Instead of using the term “sole” or “joint” custody, Illinois uses the term “majority of parenting time” to indicate the parent with whom the children reside for most of the time. An “Allocation Judgment” describes parental decision-making duties and responsibilities. There are four categories of duties and responsibilities this judgment may address:

  • Health Care, which includes psychological, medical, and dental health treatments
  • Religious upbringing
  • Education
  • Activities such as sports teams and memberships in clubs

If you and your children’s other parent disagree about major decisions within one or more of these categories, the court may intervene on a limited basis to resolve the disagreement. To a certain extent, the court may examine any agreements and past conduct to determine a solution.

Best Interests Standard

When making any kind of parenting time decision, the court first considers the best interests of the children. This could mean that any arrangement approved by the court considers factors such as the closeness of the parental relationships, the participation of the children in the community, any other significant relationships with third parties, and the general happiness and well-being of the children. A Will County father’s rights attorney could help you establish your child’s best interests may lie in spending more time with you.

Asserting Father’s Rights

A father in Will County, may not have an automatic right to make important decisions, even if their children spend most of their time living with them. Fathers must assert their rights—or have a father’s rights lawyer in Will County assert them on their behalf—by petitioning the court to enable them to make significant decisions regarding the health, education, and religious upbringing of their children.

Illinois law could allow a father to petition the court for a right of first refusal in cases where the majority parenting time parent engages a babysitter for significant periods of time. If the petition is granted by the court, the father could have the opportunity to spend that time with the children instead of the babysitter.

Work with a Will County Father’s Rights Lawyer

As a father, you may be entitled to parenting time with your children and to make important decisions concerning your children. While guidelines for father’s rights are established by law in Will County, you may need an experienced attorney’s assistance to explain and enforce your rights. A Will County father’s rights lawyer from our firm could help you exercise those rights. Contact Reidy Law Office LLC today to schedule a consultation and start exploring your options.