Ending a marriage is always difficult. Regardless of the circumstances that led to the end of the relationship, ending a marriage in Frankfort is never a simple matter. Every portion of your life needs to be accounted for. This includes the distribution of property, the payment of support, and child custody.

A Frankfort divorce lawyer could help you navigate the complex divorce process. The practiced family lawyers at Reidy Law Office LLC could help you advocate for and protect your rights and interests.

The Legal Process of Divorce

All divorces in Frankfort fall under the jurisdiction of Illinois law. Illinois is a “no-fault” divorce state meaning neither party must cite a specific reason for why the marriage must come to an end. Still, it may benefit parties to a divorce to make an accurate record of the factors that lead to the dissolution of the marriage for the purposes of claiming property or custody of children.

In total, there are three steps to the divorce process. The first is filing a complaint with their local Family Court. According to 750 ILCS 5/403, this complaint must include:

  • Identifying information about both spouses
  • The date and location of the marriage
  • The names and date of birth of all children of the marriage
  • If any divorce proceedings are currently underway in any other jurisdiction

The second step is discovery which refers the time you have to find out about your spouse’s assets, liabilities, and anything else that is relevant to your divorce. Finally, the process moves to the judgment and dissolution of marriage. This is entered by a “prove-up” or by trial. A prove-up happens when the parties have a full written agreement that is present to the judge for approval. A trial happens when the parties cannot agree on one or more issues, and ultimately the judge decides. A divorce lawyer could help those in Frankfort form these complaints, properly outline their demands in the paperwork, and ensure that proper service is sent to the other spouse.

Common Legal Issues in Frankfort Separations

A divorce severs the legal connection between the two people. As a result, any divorce decree must make accommodations concerning the financial split. This includes the distribution of assets, the assignment of debt, and whether either spouse will provide alimony to the other.

Just as pressing are matters concerning any shared children to the marriage. The court will work to do what it believes is best for the child. This considers both where the child will live on a day to day basis, when the other parent will have visitation rights, and which parent has the right to make decisions concerning the child’s future. A Frankfort lawyer could help you identify your goals for the divorce and take steps to make those goals a reality.

A Frankfort Attorney Could Help You Through Your Divorce

While both parties to a divorce may simply wish to make a clean split, it is essential that all future arrangements be made in an equitable manner. Whether this includes a settlement agreement or a court’s ruling, every portion of your future will be affected. A Frankfort divorce lawyer could stand by your side through every step of the divorce. This includes the original filing or response to a complaint, making an accurate accounting of your assets and goals, and fighting for those goals in mediation sessions and in court. Call (708) 942-8428 to learn how the lawyers at Reidy Law Office LLC can help.