Divorce can be an incredibly difficult process to go through. However, divorcing spouses who agree on most matters and are able to communicate well with one another should be able to end their marriage without having to resort to extensive negotiation or litigation. Uncontested divorces generally take a shorter amount of time and only require one court appearance.

You may want to contact a lawyer if you think you and your spouse possibly qualify for uncontested divorce in Frankfort. An experienced divorce attorney could evaluate the specific circumstances of your case and determine whether uncontested divorce is an available option.

Uncontested Divorce and Joint Simplified Dissolution

An uncontested divorce is one in which both spouses agree on all key matters relating to the dissolution of their marriage. The divorce agreement must still be approved by a judge and its terms must be reasonable and specifically address the issue of child support, if the couple has any minor children. This may be an option when there is total agreement between spouses with regard to the division of marital assets and debt, alimony (spousal maintenance), parenting time, and child support.

Illinois offers an expedited type of uncontested divorce called joint simplified dissolution, which is reserved for married couples who meet certain statutory requirements. A divorcing couple can potentially qualify for joint simplified dissolution if they:

  • Fill out all the required forms together
  • Are able to attend a final hearing together
  • Have been married for eight years or less
  • Do not have any children together
  • Have lived separately for a minimum of six months
  • Do not own a home
  • Have less than $10,000 worth of joint marital property
  • Agree to permanently waive alimony

Joint simplified dissolution is a streamlined and relatively inexpensive process that can be accomplished in just a single court appearance.

Advantages of Uncontested Dissolution of Marriage

The difficulties often associated with going through a divorce can be kept to a minimum if you are able to agree to an uncontested divorce. There are also several advantages of an uncontested divorce versus a contested divorce.


The costs of an uncontested divorce will be significantly lower if you are able to resolve the matter amicably. This is partially because you do not have the possibility of multiple court dates.


A divorce that is not contested likely will generally not require a lot of time-consuming negotiation. As stated, a couple that qualifies for joint simplified dissolution should be able to obtain a divorce after only a single courthouse visit.


A contested divorce often involves litigation, which shifts a considerable amount of control from you and your lawyer to the judicial system. An uncontested divorce allows the couple to have control over the final settlement, subject to court approval.

Reach Out to a Frankfort Attorney to Discuss Uncontested Divorces

An uncontested divorce may be a viable option for you if you and your spouse agree on all key issues. A well-versed attorney in Frankfort can help you examine your circumstances to determine whether an uncontested divorce is the best option. Call a Frankfort uncontested divorce attorney at Reidy Law Office LLC today.