Being able to spend time with your children is hugely important for both you and them. However, in the event of a divorce, you may be wondering how the split will impact the time you spend with your children and how parenting time is determined in Frankfort.

A Frankfort visitation lawyer can discuss the process of determining parenting time. Throughout the process, an experienced family lawyer can help advocate for your interests as well as the best interests of your children. This can help you reach a parenting time arrangement that fits your family’s unique needs.

What Is Visitation?

Parenting time as defined in Illinois as the time that a parent is responsible for their children. This is different than custody which refers to decision-making, who makes the major decisions and how they are made. Parenting time, on the other hand, is the time a child physically spends with each parent.

A parent has a right to request parenting time with a child, but the specific process depends on the specific circumstances. For example, if the parents are going through a divorce, it will be part of the allocation judgment at the end. If a parent is requesting visitation through paternity case, such as someone asking for parenting time, it may go through mediation or escalate to a lawsuit.

Supervised parenting time may be applicable under certain circumstances. One obvious instance is if one party was arrested and may not be trusted to be left alone with the children. Another time supervised parenting time may be necessary is if one of the parties has a problem with drugs or alcohol. Finally, if younger children do not know the parenting-time parent very well, a person may want to have someone familiar to the child present. A Frankfort visitation lawyer can further explain the options available for parents.

Determining Parenting Time in Frankfort

Frankfort has some parenting guidelines regarding parenting time to help create as a family works towards an arrangement. However, these are simply guidelines, and a plan should rely on what is in the best interests of the children. Ultimately, it will be a judge who determines and regulates parenting time in Frankfort. If the parties cannot decide, the court will issue an allocation and parenting time judgment, which becomes a court order.

In most divorces, both parents will receive parenting time. However, the amount each parent receives is based on the specific facts of the case and what would be in the best interests of the children. A Frankfort visitation attorney can further explain the factors that are considered when creating a parenting time arrangement.

Reach Out to a Frankfort Visitation Attorney

A Frankfort visitation lawyer can help guide you through the process of determining a parenting time schedule. It is always important to consider what the best interests of the children are and an attorney can help determine what that is and can work towards creating an agreement that reflects that. To discuss your situation and potential parenting time arrangements, call Reidy Law Office LLC today.