Child support meetings in Orland Park can be intimidating if you do not know what to expect. Therefore, it is important to have a skilled child support lawyer on your side who can guide you through the process and advocate for your interests. A well-versed attorney from Reidy Law Office LLC can help you make sure you are taking the actions necessary to reach a solution that reflects your family’s unique situation.

What to Expect at Child Support Proceedings

At the initial child support meeting, a person will go over the process with their attorney. An attorney would generally require their client to bring tax returns, W2s, current pay stubs, and any other forms of income that is available.

In their initial child support meeting in court, a person could expect to get some type of temporary order fairly quickly. The other side would be given time to respond to the petition and exchange financial information. A lot of times attorneys ask for some type of temporary order right away to make sure the child has the necessary resources.

If all the documentation is received and it is all fairly straightforward, it the process of determining child support payments usually takes two or three court dates. However, depending on the circumstances, it could take longer.


Debt does not factor into payments, because the court always sees the benefit to the child as the number one priority. If someone has debt and they are living beyond their means, it is not going to give them a break on child support.

Do I Need To Inform Anyone About the Proceedings?

The only circumstance in which a person should be prepared to inform certain people or entities that they are in the legal process of determining child support is, if someone is going to get a notice of withholding, they may want to tell their employer. They may also want to let the daycare provider know that another person would be paying the bill. Also, if the person is receiving some type of public assistance, it would be appropriate to tell them that they are seeking child support.

What to Avoid During Child Support Proceedings

The behaviors a person should avoid while going through the legal proceedings for child support payments in court are hiding their income and holding the child out to the other parent so they only see this child if they pay. An attorney can further discuss how a parent should act when they are going through child support proceedings.

How An Orland Park Attorney Can Help Throughout Child Support Proceedings

An attorney could help a family going through the difficult process of awarding child support payment by making sure that it is done according to the statute, by taking away some of the ambivalence between the two parties, and keeping everyone civil. A well-versed attorney can guide you through the process to help you reach a solution that works for your family. Call Reidy Law Office LLC today for the help you need.