How you are going to provide for your children is a common worry many parents have when divorcing. This is why Illinois considers many parents eligible for child support payments. If you are in the middle of a divorce, it is essential to understand the factors influencing Orland Park child support determinations.

A highly qualified child support attorney can evaluate your case to determine your eligibility for child support may be. They can then help make sure your children are adequately provided for following your divorce.

How is Child Support Determined?

In Orland Park, child support is awarded anytime there is a case pending with a minor child or disabled child where a parent with custody needs financial help from the other parent. Any parent who is separated or divorced from the other parent and has a minor child is entitled to seek child support.

Under Illinois law, child support in Orland Park is determined based on the income of both parties and the amount of parenting time each parent has. The judge will look at these and other factors and determine the condition of a child support agreement. The main goal of the judge is to make sure the needs of the child will be met under the agreement.

As stated above, according to Orland Park law, the amount of child support is established by looking at both party’s income. There is a calculation based on the amount of income of the parents and how much raising the child or children will cost. The total amount of support is then divided between the two parents based on their income ratios. An attorney can further explain the calculations that determine child support in Orland Park.

Factors Influencing Orland Park Agreements

There are however other factors that go into child support determination. Although these factors do not directly impact the calculations, they can be part of determining the best interests of the children and indirectly impact the determination. An attorney can analyze a specific case to help determine what factors may be relevant.

Custody Agreements

Custody agreements influence child support because the number of nights each party has is part of the calculation. Generally, the more nights a parent has, the less they will pay in child support as the court assumes they will be spending money directly on the children when they are with them.

Special Needs of a Child

If a child has special needs, it could influence child support if the guideline is changed by the court, if there is an extraordinary medical care or a home care issue, or if the support is needed beyond the age of 18.

Foul Play

Foul play does not have a role in child support determination. It is not taken into consideration at all. However, if one parent does not have parenting time, they would generally need to pay more in support.

Fault in Divorce

Similar to foul play, recognition of fault in the dissolution of a marriage does not impact child support determination. Illinois is a no-fault state, so even there is fault, it is not considered.

Other Factors

Other factors that could impact eligibility include if a child spends an equal amount of nights with each parent and if the parents have equal income. In both instances, neither parent may be eligible for child support.

Learn More About the Factors Influencing Orland Park Child Support Determinations

The main factors that go into Orland Park child support are how much time the child spends with each parent and the income of each parent. However, other factors can come into play when determining an agreement. To learn more about the factors that may influence your case, call Reidy Law Office LLC today.