In Orland Park, it is possible to change a child support agreement if it no longer reflects your current situation. However, in any case, you have to have the approval of the court to make a modification. That makes it important to work with an experienced attorney. A well-versed child support lawyer can work with you to make sure your agreement makes sense for you. If it no longer works, they can guide you through the process of changing it.

Is There a Guarantee of Child Support?

There is never a guarantee that child support will be paid for life in Orland Park. If there is a court order, a person would be able to stop paying child support in Orland Park. However, the court will generally only issue an order if the parties can prove there is no longer a need for child support.

Even if nothing has changed between the parties, they are able to request the termination of child support payments in court if they determine it is no longer necessary. By the agreement, they could say neither party is going to pay the other one. Child support is always modifiable, so there is no guarantee that it is always going to be in place. An attorney can further discuss when a child support agreement may be changed.

Contracts Outlining Support Agreements

Contracts that would state the duration of child support to be paid are the judgment of dissolution, the judgment of paternity, the allocation judgment, or the general child support order. These contracts would discuss how much is going to be paid and how often.

There are very few circumstances that both parties would not have access to the contract. It is a public record, so the parties could always go to the clerk’s office of the court they were in and get a copy of the judgment. An attorney can help you make sure you understand the agreement outlining child support and that it is fair to you.

Does the Remarriage or Death of a Parent Impact an Agreement?

Child support payments are not impacted if the recipient enters into a new marriage because they are still looking at the person’s income. The other parent still has the obligation to support the child.

If one parent dies, the child support obligation would be terminated. An attorney can further discuss how specific changes in circumstances may change child support arrangements.

How an Attorney Can Help You Change Your Child Support Agreement in Orland Park

An attorney in Orland Park could work with you to make sure that your child support agreement makes sense for your specific circumstances. If not, they would do the necessary work in court to make sure that any agreement is fair to you. Whether you are paying or receiving child support, a skilled attorney can help you make sure the arrangement reflects your needs and circumstances. For the help you need, call Reidy Law Office LLC today to work with our experienced attorneys.