When a child support agreement no longer reflects a family’s situation, a parent can request a modification. However, these modifications are only available under certain circumstances. A knowledgeable attorney can discuss child support modifications in Orland Park and whether your situation may warrant a modification.

If you choose to seek a modification, a highly qualified child support attorney can guide you through the process. The attorneys at Reidy Law Office LLC can help you clearly illustrate the change in situation and why it should result in a change.

When Can a Child Support Agreement Be Modified?

There are several circumstances in which a person could move to modify their child support. However, in any case, there must be a change in the parent’s financial situation. Regardless of whether there is an increase or a decrease in income, a parent can ask for a modification. This change does however need to be significant, usually at least a ten percent difference. For example, a parent cannot ask for a modification if they made a large purchase. To prove that there is a material change in circumstances, the parent requesting the modification must provide documentation detailing the change.

Some examples of situations that warrant a change in child support include if one of the parents lost their job. Also, if one parent receives a significant raise, the other parent could ask for a modification to reflect that raise. Finally, as the children get older, the costs associated with raising them may increase. When this happens, parents may reevaluate the child support agreement. An attorney in Orland Park can further evaluate your child support agreement to determine whether a modification may be appropriate.

Terminating Agreements in Orland Park

There are also certain circumstances under which child support may be terminated. For example, if a child were to be adopted by a stepparent, it may terminate a parent’s support obligation. However, the recipient parent of the child support payments does not have to be legally re-married in order for a paying parent to change the support agreement.

Generally, once a child reaches the age where payment is no longer required, child support agreements are terminated. Further, if a child were to join the military before the age of 18 or otherwise become emancipated before the age of 18, a parent could also move to terminate child support payments. An attorney can explain circumstances that could result in child support payments being terminated.

Discuss Child Support Modifications with an Orland Park Attorney

There are several benefits of retaining a lawyer when dealing with child support modifications. These benefits include having someone who is familiar with the process advocating for you. Attorneys who handle these cases regularly know what circumstances may warrant a change as well as those circumstances that may warrant a complete termination of payments. They can then help create a compelling case to present to a judge detailing why an agreement should be modified. To learn more about your options, call Reidy Law Office LLC for a case evaluation.