The process of determining child support in Orland Park is mandated by a specific formula. A detail-oriented child support attorney from Reidy Law Office LLC can help guide you through the process to make sure your children are adequately provided for.

Determining Child Support

The statewide formula for determining a presumptive amount of child support is based on a shared income. Each parent produces their income documents and the appropriate amount is determined based on that total income and the Federal guidelines, that state what is necessary for a child to survive.

In Orland Park, the current formula used to locally determine child support is gross income from both parties. If their income varies, there may be an average taken, but it is the gross income.

Spousal support is a completely different calculation and does not play a role in determining child support payments in Orland Park. The child support calculation and the maintenance calculations are based on different calculations. An attorney can further explain the process of determining child support.

Circumstances that Affect Payments

In Orland Park, child support generally lasts until the child is emancipated. For example, if the child is two years old, it could go for the next 16 years. If the child is 15 years old, it may only continue for the next three years. However, there are certain circumstances that may affect these payments.

When Would Payments Be Permanent?

There is no such thing as permanent child support payments because child support generally only applies while the child is a minor or if the child is disabled.

When Are Payments Made in a lump sum?

Generally, child support payments are made in a lump sum only if there is an arrearage, meaning if one party missed several payments. If there is an arrearage, they may have to pay their missed payments in one sum.

How Often Payments Are Made

Child support payments are usually paid according to the person’s payroll, which is weekly or bi-weekly. Or, they may be paid on a monthly basis.

Ending Support

The court would not order child support payments to end unless circumstances change drastically. For example, payments will generally end if the child is emancipated or adopted.

When Support Is Not Ordered

If both parties are earning approximately the same amount and split their parenting time evenly, the court could determine that neither party should give or receive child support.

However, any change in circumstance could enable one or both parties to request child support in the future. For example, if one party gets a better job and their income increases, the other parent could request child support. Further, if the parenting schedule changes, that could also warrant a change. An attorney can help examine the specific circumstances to determine what may be appropriate.

An Attorney Can Help Determine Child Support in Orland Park

Child support can help parents in Orland Park make sure their children are provided for following a divorce. Therefore, it is important to work with an experienced attorney when determining child support. For the help you need, call today.