Reaching a divorce settlement does not mean that every potential issue is resolved. Whether because of changing circumstances or flaws in the original agreement, unforeseen issues may arise that must be resolved. When that happens, a post-divorce dispute lawyer in Cook County can help you. A well-versed divorce lawyer can work with you to solve your dispute in a favorable way.

Common Disputes

Some common disputes individuals find themselves in after a divorce include issues involving children such as parenting time and child support. Child support issues often arise as children get older and have different needs. Further, any time there is a significant change in income for one of the parties, they may need to change maintenance or child support arrangements.

Other times post-divorce disputes may arise are if one of the parties remarries or one of the parties moves. Finally, if the original divorce settlement was unfair the parties may need to take steps to fix it. An attorney can further explain when and why post-divorce disputes may arise.

What is a Post-Divorce Modification?

A post-divorce modification is meant to resolve any issued and is based on a judgment entered by a judge. This can be amicable, such as if the parties decide to change their parenting time schedule. Sometimes minor changes to a schedule can be resolved easily between the parties.

However, even when the parties make minor changes amicably, they should still run it past an attorney to make sure it will not cause issues later. An attorney in Cook County can further explain the process of a post-divorce modification.

The Role of an Attorney in Resolving Disputes

Circumstances in which an individual need to reach out to the lawyer when dealing with the post-divorce dispute includes when the outcome of the situation could cost them significantly. If somebody feels that they could handle a simple modification on their own, they may. However, an attorney can help them fully understand all the possibilities in resolving the issue.

Sometimes the parties reach an agreement to make a change that is not contested. In a situation like that, they could probably handle it on their own. If there is not an agreement and they have something they could lose, they should consult with an experienced post-divorce disputes lawyer.

Advantages of a Cook County Attorney in Post-Divorce Disputes

Some of the advantages of working on these disputes with an attorney rather than on one’s own are the experience an attorney can bring and the difficulties caused by your emotional involvement. When you are faced with a highly emotional situation, it is important to have a professional that could provide you with objective advice. A skilled divorce lawyer can help you look at the situation objectively, provide you with professional guidance, and help you make the decisions that would be the best in the long term. For the help you need resolving your post-divorce disputes in Cook County, reach out to a skilled attorney from Reidy Law Office LLC today.