Depending on the specific facts surrounding your divorce in Cook County, you will play a different role. For example, if you are the one filing for divorce, you will be the one setting the tone of the process. On the other hand, the person responding has different responsibilities.

A skilled divorce lawyer can help guide you through the process. They can work with you to reach an agreement that reflects your family’s unique circumstances.

The Spouse Filling for Divorce and Their Lawyer

The role of the spouse who initiated the filing of the divorce, or the petitioner, is to start the case. There is no strategic advantage to filing first but it does allow the person to feel more in control of the process.

The role of the petitioner’s attorney is to set the stage for the divorce. For example, some lawyers send out a letter explaining the process to the other party. If they do not start with a letter, the other party will just be served by a sheriff or a process server. The other spouse may be walking into work or the grocery store and can be served with papers. How the process begins can help determine how the divorce will proceed and whether the spouses can work together to reach an agreement that is beneficial to both parties.

The Role of the Responding Party

The role of the spouse who is responding to the divorce, or the respondent, is to file an appearance within 30 days of getting served. They then must cooperate throughout the divorce agreement to work towards a final agreement.

The role of the respondent’s lawyer is to help the respondent throughout the case and to represent their interests. They file their appearance, complete the relevant paperwork, and represent the respondent at any negotiations or in litigation.

Children in the Divorce Process

In theory, the children of the divorcing couple are not supposed to play a major role but they often do. Usually, parents are concerned about what their kids want so take the wishes of their children into consideration. An attorney can help you navigate the role your children can play in a divorce.

What is the Role of a Judge?

The role of the Cook County judge who is presiding over the divorce proceedings is to help determine the outcome of the case. Depending upon what is at stake, the judge could control how both parties’ life will be affected for many years to come.

Ultimately, the judge has to accept a proposed agreement from the parties unless it is unconscionable. An agreement being rejected only happens in very rare circumstances.

If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the judge has a big influence on any potential settlement that they might have. When this is the case, the judge can determine the outcome of major issues such as the division of assets and custody arrangements.

Divorce Coaches

Divorce coaches are not as common. A divorce coach is someone who is not an attorney or a therapist, but who is there to help the person focus on what they can and what their goals are in the divorce. Coaches are generally a lot cheaper than their attorney.

Mediators are usually used for issues as it relates to children but they also could be used for situations involving financials. Generally, they work to help the parties reach an agreement.

Ask About the Roles in a Cook County Divorce

There are often many different parties involved in the divorce process in Cook County. This can make navigating the process and understanding your role difficult. For the help you need, call Reidy Law Office LLC today.