Following a divorce, your circumstances may change. Agreements that you created in the original divorce may no longer fit your needs. For example, your income may have changed or your parenting time schedule may no longer work for your family.

When these post-divorce disputes arise in Kankakee County, you may be able to change your original agreement with the help of an experienced attorney. A well-versed attorney can help you identify your current goals and work towards a modification that reflects those goals.

Common Post-Divorce Disputes

A post-divorce dispute is often triggered by a change in circumstances. Some common disputes individuals find themselves facing after a divorce are issues involving money and children. For example, there may be issues about parenting time during the school year or when each parent has overnights. In addition, child support needs may change. In other cases, the contribution of each parent to medical or extracurricular activities may also change as the children get older.

The needs of one party may change as well. For example, alimony agreements may need to change if one party gets a new job or loses a job. An attorney can help settle post-divorce disputes revolving around these issues.

What Is a Post-Divorce Modification?

Post-divorce modification refers to changing a divorce agreement that is already in place. In some cases, this can be an amicable process. For example, parents may choose to switch holidays they spend with their children.

If the change is amicable, the parties may not have to go back to court. The only time the parties must go back to court for a post-divorce modification is when there is a change in finances. This is because, when a modification involves finances, a judge must approve it. An attorney can help guide you through the process of a post-divorce modification to make it as smooth as possible. If you are at all uncertain, you should speak with a lawyer to determine whether or not your “agreement” needs to be signed by the Judge.

Advantages of Working with an Attorney

There are many advantages of working through a post-divorce disputes with an attorney rather than on your own is that an attorney can offer objective advice. This can help you reach an agreement that is fair to both you and your former spouse.

A professional can objectively look at all of the issues, offer guidance and explain all the possible legal repercussions. This can help you reach an agreement that is best for you and your family in the long-run.

A Kankakee County Attorney Can Offer Guidance Throughout a Post-Divorce Dispute

When dealing with a post-divorce dispute in Kankakee County where you know you are not going to be able to reach an agreement with the other side, it is important to just reach out and talk to a knowledgeable attorney. A lawyer can help you work towards an agreement that makes sense for you. Regardless of whether your dispute involves parenting time, maintenance, or any other aspect of your original agreement, an attorney can provide objective guidance. Call Reidy Law Office LLC for the help you need.